I am an Instructional Designer with experience in developing instructor lead training, online learning, user experience testing, user interface design, and video production. I have a Masters in Instructional Technology and 10 years of teaching experience for both children and adults, as well as a firsthand knowledge of webcourse development and primary research toward gap analysis.

Currently I work with Aerotek as a contractor developing training for one of the largest federal agencies. The course I am working on is a two week course for new officers. In my work there I also won the Patriot award, the highest recognition awarded. In the recent past I have taught groups how to use analytical software at a variety of military and law enforcement installations. I have also been responsible for development of a variety of online course using everything from Jquery mobile to Treesaver.js.

I have developed an eye to the future and the direction our culture, education, and constantly mobile society is going and you need someone who knows not only how to be a consumer of technology, but also someone who is a content creator. As with any agency or business I do understand that one must have the ability to adapt quickly to the ever-changing technologies and best practices, or risk going the way of the dinosaur.  

I believe in connecting people with solutions. I, like my clients want real results, solutions that can be measured and constructed in a realistic timeframe.
— Tyus Durant


THe Type of work I do.

  • Developed complete courseware for on boarding officers
  • Shot and edited explainer videos using Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and After Effects for clients.
  • Designed and developed e-learning training modules.
  • Photo compositing and retouching using Photoshop.
  • Trained clients on SharePoint functionality for teams.
  • Designed and programed custom SharePoint sites and pages.
  • Design and develop mobile responsive websites.

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