Your business or agency is unique,

so why are you being treated like everyone else?


Have you ever had the feeling that your business or agency is not making the most of your design dollars?

You know you have a lot of internal knowledge and experience but is that information proving to difficult to pass on to the new people coming in?

Maybe your webapp is just not flowing the way it should and its leaving your customers confused.

Here is what I discovered and I'm sure you know it too, design is both a science and an art. It's a science that needs to be studied and constantly tested because it is always evolving. Of course the good thing about any science is that it can be measured and duplicated. It is an art because one has to be creative to come up with ideas and methods to not just relay knowledge but to bring individuals to a deeper understanding of your businesses' key concepts, principles, and procedures.

I once heard a famous User Experience Designer say when asked what they do for a living he said he makes sandwiches. I thought that was funny at the time but I understand what he was saying. A good sandwich is the sandwich you want. It customized to your tastes, with the right proportion of ingredients you want. Good Instructional Design and User Experience is not an assembly line chicken sandwich, good design is a made specifically for you and your needs. 

I create e-learning, curriculum, and user experiences for business and government agencies. I build custom, results-driven solutions that help my clients reach their goals faster. I do not prescribe packaged software but rather, I collaborate with my clients to tailor solutions that address their unique challenges.


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